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Plesk-Power-Webspaces from 1awww.com:

on new Debian-Squeeze-Server with
php 5.4.x and MySQL 5.5.x under Plesk-Panel 11.5.30 (Administration in: english,  spanish or german) - optimal for php and MySQL-Enginer - Prices and Details, you find here
weltweit Welt auf 0101
cPanel-Webspaces from 1awww.com:

with a graphical Administration-Interface cPanel and
WHM for Reseller, with more as 75 Software-Packages and additional more as 200 Software-Scripts and with Webpage-Creator for Beginners - Prices and Details, you find here
Root-Server - System Edit Mode
Root-Server from 1awww.com:

for only 1,95 Euro / Month you can rent your own Root-Server. You can choice out of many various Linux-Derivates or Debian with Confixx Pro (including the server-license)

more Infos about Root-Server, you find here
Domains from 1awww.com:

you can register domains starts for only 70 Cents. You can choice ot of more as 270 Domain-Endings. You administer all self: Nameservers, DNS-Zones, Owner, Admin-C, Tech-C and Bill-C-Contact! And when you need, we help you - more infos here