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Plesk-Panel 12.5 - Webhosting from

With a webspace under Plesk-Panel it is easy to administer and you have all something under a hat. With a software-package-installer you can install easy your software what you need with only 4 mouse-clicks, expl. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, moodle, 4 images, phpBB and in total 333 other software-packages. This need only 1 minute. An absolute high-light is the webpresence builder witch you can create in shortly minutes a perfect website with many webpages. All cheap webspaces have mail-function on absolute secure european servers!

virtual Servers Mini-Root very cheap Plesk Power Hosting for Companies and Organizations Plesk Reseller Hosting with best Prices and an optimal Service
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Prices for clients in:
 ModellPlesk Power 50Plesk Power 100
 monthly price4.09 € *7.39 € *
 order now this serverorder now this server
Diskspace of WebspaceDiskspace of WebspaceDiskspace of Webspace50 GB
51200 MB
100 GB
102400 MB
Traffic in month incl.Traffic in month incl.Traffic in month incl.inklusive **inklusive **
Domains inclusive ***Domains inclusive ***Domains inclusive ***1x aus DE1x aus DE
 usable for:  
static sidesstatic sidesstatic sidesJAJA
sites with database usesites with database usesites with database useJAJA
dynamic sidesdynamic sidesdynamic sidesJAJA
complex scriptscomplex scriptscomplex scriptsNEINNEIN
Plesk Webpresence-BuilderPlesk Webpresence-BuilderPlesk Webpresence-BuilderJA 1 Presences JA 5 Presences
Webapplikations as Joomla, Wordpress (List here)Webapplikations as Joomla, Wordpress (List here)Webapplikations as Joomla, Wordpress (List here)JAJA
shared IPv4shared IPv4shared IPv4JAJA
IPv6 readyIPv6 readyIPv6 readyJAJA
SSL-Certificates usable (with SNI)SSL-Certificates usable (with SNI)SSL-Certificates usable (with SNI)JAJA
IMAP-Transfer ****IMAP-Transfer ****IMAP-Transfer ****JAJA
Spam-Filter configurableSpam-Filter configurableSpam-Filter configurableJAJA
max. Space for all postboxesmax. Space for all postboxesmax. Space for all postboxes14000 MB50000 MB
max. space for one postboxmax. space for one postboxmax. space for one postbox2000 MB5000 MB
max. Mail-Size per each mailmax. Mail-Size per each mailmax. Mail-Size per each mail50 MB100 MB
safe-mode changeablesafe-mode changeablesafe-mode changeableJA(ON/OFF)JA(ON/OFF)
register-globals changeableregister-globals changeableregister-globals changeableJA(ON/OFF)JA(ON/OFF)
mode-rewrite possiblemode-rewrite possiblemode-rewrite possibleJA(ON/OFF)JA(ON/OFF)
memory_limitmemory_limitmemory_limit256 MB512 MB
uplodad_max_filesizeuplodad_max_filesizeuplodad_max_filesize128 MB256 MB
post_max_sizepost_max_sizepost_max_size128 MB256 MB
max_executing_timemax_executing_timemax_executing_time40 sec60 sec
max_input_timemax_input_timemax_input_time40 sec60 sec
MySQL-Database-Engine Versions (faster as older versions)MySQL-Database-Engine Versions (faster as older versions)MySQL-Database-Engine Versions (faster as older versions)>10.0>10.0
many Database-Users per each MySQL-Databasemany Database-Users per each MySQL-Databasemany Database-Users per each MySQL-DatabaseNEINNEIN
Domains inklusive ***Domains inklusive ***Domains inklusive ***1x aus DE1x aus DE
Multi-Domain possibleMulti-Domain possibleMulti-Domain possibleJAJA
You can add in total the max. of domains.Domains total usable (Pricelist)You can add in total the max. of domains.13
External-Domains possibleExternal-Domains possibleExternal-Domains possibleJAJA
Domain-Aliase possibleDomain-Aliase possibleDomain-Aliase possibleJAJA
Subdomains possibleSubdomains possibleSubdomains possible510
complete DNS-Administration Entries individual changeablecomplete DNS-Administration Entries individual changeablecomplete DNS-Administration Entries individual changeableJAJA
Logs und Statistik:
Error-Logs (error_log)Error-Logs (error_log)Error-Logs (error_log)JAJA
Access-Logs (access_log)Access-Logs (access_log)Access-Logs (access_log)JAJA
Webalizer - WebstatisticsWebalizer - WebstatisticsWebalizer - WebstatisticsJAJA
AWStats - WebstatisticsAWStats - WebstatisticsAWStats - WebstatisticsJAJA
Holding time for statisticsHolding time for statisticsHolding time for statistics12 Monate12 Monate
Linux-OSLinux-OSLinux-OSDebian 10.0 (Buster)
Administration-PanelAdministration-PanelAdministration-PanelOnyx Plesk Panel 18.x mit diversen Erweiterungen
redundante Anbindungredundante Anbindungredundante AnbindungJAJA
Intruder-Detection-System and Firewall (div Systems)Intruder-Detection-System and Firewall (div Systems)Intruder-Detection-System and Firewall (div Systems)JAJA
maximum Backup-Time for Server-Backupsmaximum Backup-Time for Server-Backupsmaximum Backup-Time for Server-Backups365 Tage365 Tage
Client-Backup per Plesk (compressed Archives)Client-Backup per Plesk (compressed Archives)Client-Backup per Plesk (compressed Archives)JAJA
Client-Backup via FTP/phpMyAdminClient-Backup via FTP/phpMyAdminClient-Backup via FTP/phpMyAdminJAJA
Client-Restore via FTP/phpMyAdminClient-Restore via FTP/phpMyAdminClient-Restore via FTP/phpMyAdminJAJA
Webspace-Restore from Server-Backup (when you need)Webspace-Restore from Server-Backup (when you need)Webspace-Restore from Server-Backup (when you need)34,90 Euro je Restore34,90 Euro je Restore
Security folders changeableSecurity folders changeableSecurity folders changeableJAJA
Webspace cloningWebspace cloningWebspace cloningJAJA
Support und Überwachung:
System-ControllingSystem-ControllingSystem-Controlling24 Stunden/7 Tage24 Stunden/7 Tage
Support-Answer in between of Support-Answer in between of Support-Answer in between of SLA Standard 4 StundenSLA Standard 4 Stunden
Support-Available Support-Available Support-Available MO-SO 10:00-20:00hMO-SO 10:00-20:00h

* All prices including lawed tax and on monthly base! The webspaces are usable for organizations and private persons without the right for reselling!

** Traffic-Conditions: The traffic is generaly free when this is in normal average usage of all users and devided over all of the time in a month! A normal calculation of this is the 20times of the disksize per months.

*** Include domains are sponsered from and are free of costs in the first year. Include domains cant been transfered in the first year (transfer-blocking)! An owner change equal outgoing cost the fees as written below. Domains has a cancel time of 3 months before the end of the domain running time and will been renewed otherwise for a new year under the normal terms and conditions with our normal prices.

**** The webspaces are prepared primary for present webpages for your clients. Included too, the normal functions for mail traffic, but undertand, that you not rent a mail-server! So about you can use many accounts and many mail adresses, as written in the webspace package. It´s not allowed to use from more as 2 computers to the same time a connection to the mail accounts via IMAP. Refreshing requests must have a minimum interval time of 1 minute! Companies with more as 2 computers to connect to the IMAP-Accounts, can order a special contract for more mail power - Contact us via the Support-System!

The minimum contract time is 12 months and will been renewed for same 12 months as the webspace was not cancel 30 days before the end of the contract-time! Payments in advance for 12 month. For the packages Power 50 and Power 100 you can choice a payment for only every 6 or 3 months in advance, but with a separate setup fee. The payment interval is not changeable after your order!

You must accept our Terms & Conditions, see AGBs.

All webspaces will been run in high security operating centers with a many peering in europe and about this they are very fast in total of the world! Backups will been make every 24 hours for a maximum time of 90 days. This backups are a security when a server has a total crash (we need this only 1 time in 11 years as a linux-upgrade produce a big gau!). Normal we will not make a restore about we have systems with redundancy raid. We can make a restore of your webspace, when you or other has destroyed this from one of the last 90 days backups on your choice. The restore price you see in the pricelist below! You have too the chance, to create from the plesk-panel backups and you can restore too from your self created backups, thats cost you nothing!

You have too the posibility of many documentation material in language english and other languages as possible. When you need support, you can open a support ticket direct from our main site and normaly we will answer in our support time in between of 4 hours. The average time for support-tickets are under 2 hours! When you have a big urgend problem of a running system before and this is important for your clients, you can call us too 365 days / 24 hours in the year!